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  • Malgorzata Ciezak

    Malgorzata Ciezak

    Deck team
    Ordinary seaman/OS/

  • Hani Maqbool

    Hani Maqbool

    Deck team
    All positions

  • Tamer Emin

    Tamer Emin

    Deck team
    Chief officer

  • Dipak Rana

    Dipak Rana

    Deck team
    Able seaman/AB/

  • prashant b mhamunkar

    prashant b mhamunkar

    Engine team

  • Emil Yanev

    Emil Yanev

    Deck team
    Chief officer

  • Miroslav Nikolushev

    Miroslav Nikolushev

    Engine team
    Trainee Engineer

  • Bodrov Denys

    Bodrov Denys

    Engine team
    3th engineer


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