Merchant vessels crew

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Merchant vessels crew

The merchant ships crew is divided into three main categories: the deck team,  engine teamcommand and catering team.Although there are companies that follow their own rules of hierarchy, like most Japanese owners, positions that are discussed below represent a classic ladder to build his career most professional sailors.









Command deck / Deck department /

Officers in the deck team of most ships include:

  1. Master;
  2. Chief officer
  3. Second officer;
  4. Third officer;
  5. Apprentice officer

  Crew from Deck team comprise:

  1. Bosun;
  2. Pump man;
  3. AB-Able Seaman;
  4. OS-ordinary seaman;
  5. Painter

Engine -Engineering team

Officers in the engine department of most ships include:

  1. Chief engineer;
  2. Second engineer;
  3. Third engineer;
  4. Fourth engineer;
  5. Electrician
  6. Apprentice engineer

Crew form Engine team:

  1. Fitter;
  2. Motorman;
  3. Oiler;
  4. Wiper;
  5. Painter


Catering for most cargo ships is done by a separate теам consisting mostly of:

  1. Chief Cook
  2. Second cook;
  3. Mess boy
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