Passenger vessels crew

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Passenger vessels crew

The number of the crew in cruise ships comparing  the merchant ships is usually several times higher.

Nowadays when the crew of a modern cargo ship shall consist of no more than 30-35 people, the figure for passenger ships is above 1,500, and depending on the ship it can reach a lot more.

The main departments, which include all job positions in the cruise ships are:


  Entertainment department - all those who are associated with recreational activities for guests.Departments in this group of job positions on borad cruise ships are many and Casino department is one of them.


  Personal care department - this includes all those who contributed in some way to improve the physical condition of the passengers of the beauticians and hairdressers to fitness instructors, medical staff and others; 


 Service and Hospitality-here list of sub categories can be divided, although they are separate departments very often, all of them are included into this categoty :

Food and Beverage-people providing and preparing guests and crew food everyday.


Hotel-people in charge  of all those obligations which are characteristic of a luxury hotel. 


Retail-related people selling goods and services on board.


Purser-and treasurer of the board and perform accounting services to some of the vessels.


Information Technology maintenance and ensuring, the many computer and telecommunication systems.



  Deck department - unlike merchant ships this department manage the list of people the ship and care for his safety is enormous;


  Engine department -here, engineers, technicians and all those providing the proper use of the ship, bearing in mind that this is an extremely complex facility is huge.

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