Ships used in offshore industry

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Ships used in offshore industry

Offshore vessels are vessels that serve specific operational goals as exploration of oil and construction activities at sea. There are a variety of offshore vessels not only help in studies for oil, but also to provide the necessary supply of excavation and construction units located offshore.
Offshore boats also provide transit to and from the arenas operating at sea, and ease the work of the ship's crew.


As mentionedabove, the name of offshore ships is very general and includes such a wide range of vessels used in the offshore sectors.


They can be classified into the following groups:


  • Oil Exploration and Drilling Vessels
  • Offshore Support Vessels 
  • Offshore Production Vessels 
  • Construction/Special Purpose Vessels


Each of these categories consists of various ships.


Oil Exploration and Drilling Vessels and Instalations


Vessels and instalations for oil, as their name suggests, helps in the exploration and production of oil at sea. The main types of vessels for study are: Drill Ship, Jack Up Vessels, Semi- submersible , Offshore barge, Floating Platforms, Tenders.


Offshore Support Vessels


Some offshore ships provide the necessary human resources and technical reinforcements so that operational processes offshore to run smoothly and without any unwanted interruptions. These containers are called offshore support vessel.




Offshore supply vessels, transporting the necessary structural components in the sectors of offshore, and provide support for the delivery of goods. Construction aspect of these vessels can be designed to meet operational requirements.
Some of the main types of offshore support vessels are:


  •  Anchor Handling Tug Vessel  (AHTV)
  • Seismic Vessel 
  • Platform Supply Vessels 
  • Well Intervention Vessel
  • Accommodation Ships


Offshore Production Vessels


Offshoreproduction vessels refer to those vessels which help in the production processes in drilling offshore units. FPSO, (floating, production, storage and handling) may be listed as an example of these types of offshore vessels. Basic types such ships are:



Construction/Special Purpose Vessels


Ships that primarily help in the construction of various marine structures are known as offshore construction vessels.




Otheroffshore ships of this type include those that provide mounting and measurements support these types of vessels that help the positioning of deep undersea cable lines and pipelines.


The main types are: 


In addition tothese variations, there are vessels that provide assistance in emergencies at sea and those vessels that conduct studies and analysis activities at sea.
The increasing need for appropriate studies and to harness the potential that the sea offers so many opportunities has led to a huge increase in demand for offshore vessels. Along with the advantages of technology development, research and relevant results, today's fleet of offshore vessels worldwide is one that describes the huge strides taken in the maritime sector.

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