What are...Drill ships?

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What are...Drill ships?


Indeed,as it sounds, drill ship is a marine vessel that has been modified for drilling oil and gas wells. While the ships sounding like a tanker or freighter, there are several important differences. Drill Ships  are equipped with cranes and drilling common stock from satellites. Furthermore, these vessels have a wide range of equipment and positioning, as well as a helipad for receiving supplies and transport personnel.

Usually employed for deep and ultra-deep water drilling vessels operating in water depths ranging from 2,000 to more than 10,000 feet (from 610 to 3.048 m). Drilling equipment is transmitted through the total supply of the vessel satellites and related equipment located below the riser pipe, a small flexible tube that extends from the top of the underwater well in the bottom of the drill ship.




Drillships differ fromother offshore drilling units on their free mobility. While semi submersible platforms can drill in deep water drilling ships are able to move from well to well and from one area to another area, unlike the semi submersible to rely on external transport ship to move them from one place to another.

While they arecapable of drilling in deep and ultra-deep waters flaws using ship-probe is its sensitivity to undulating in waves, wind and drifts. This is especially dangerous when the ship breaks because it is connected to equipment that is thousands of feet underwater.

Appropriate systemfor mooring a ship-probe is an integral part of the successful drilling of wells. In shallow water drilling ships are moored to the seabed with anywhere from six to twelve anchors. Once the water depth becomes too deep drilling ships depend on dynamic positioning system (DPS), to keep the ship in place during drilling. This system relies on multiple thrusters located in front of the stern and amidships, which activated onboard computer that constantly monitors the winds and waves to adjust thrusters to compensate for these changes. Sometimes I use both positioning systems.





For the first time,drillshipswere developedin the late 1940s by marine architects. Designed to overcome the depth of water in the Pacific Ocean, the first drillship was unnecessary vessel of the U.S. Navy, which is equipped with cantilever drilling equipment. Seeing some success in the next ship was included common stock of satellites and boarding derrick. After this success, the company recently purchased the building next ships probes.

Transocean, Pride, Seadrill, Frontier Drillingand Noble are some of the companies that own and operate drillships worldwide.

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