What are ...platform supply vessels (PSV)?

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What are ...platform supply vessels (PSV)?

 Platform supply vessels PSVs are kind of offshore vessels, which are mainly used for transit equipment and additional manpower to enhance operations at sea. A ship-procurement platform support is needed. Delivery platforms help maintain the requirements of construction and maintenance projects, thus a vital character in the work at sea. . In the broadersense, supply ships help to draw not only severe structural equipment, but even small basic structural components such as paving materials (cement and concrete) and compounds that help effectively in underwater drilling operations. These ships provide also food and supplies for the crew and personnel working offshore.

Staff  completed the active line operations at sea is transported to the nearest port facility through these supply vessels.



 Since platform supply vessels, transport personnel, these ships have become more sophisticated with compartments for cooking and other necessary equipment to facilitate the transport of personnel. In terms of its technical title, length of supply ships can range anywhere from 65 meters to 300 meters. This aspect craft supply is added to their operational singularity.

  Platform supply ships can be custom made to meet the operational needs of each operator. Not all platforms are employed to supply the transport of drilling rigs or underwater cables that are needed for the operations of the oil excavation. They are also used for the purpose of limiting the extent of oil spill at sea, as well as handy craft equipment to control the fire.



 Currently, the need of platform supply vessels began to feel more and more over the last few years. This is at the expense of increasing the number of operations at sea, which in turn has led to advances in the development of craft supplies.

This demand fuels the need for these ships, which combined with the advantages


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