What are... research vessels?

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What are... research vessels?

Research vesselsmeet an important need for research into the sea. As their most important goal is stated that these vessels help in detailed analysis and research on the ocean for a variety of career goals. This type ships are designed and constructed in such a way that they can face the most difficult conditions of the marine environment.

The earliest knownuse of the research vessel, dating from the middle of 1700 when the most famous and well respected adventurer James Cook is studying planetary movements as he was in the Pacific. At that time chartered vessels has not been officially accredited as research, the nature and characteristics of the project outline has determined it to be one of the leading ships to use in the field of marine research.

Research vesselcan be used for countless purposes and in different ocean regions.


Some of main purposes of research vessels are:

¦Seismic surveys (conducted by Seismic vessels)
¦ Hydrographic survey
¦ Oceanographic Research
¦ Polar Research
¦ Fisheries Research
¦ Naval / Defense Studies
¦ Oil Research

Research vesselsare employed primarily for remote arenas for polar research. Vessels engaged in scientific and analytical needs of these regions are structured with special torsos, allowing them to pave their way through the icy surface and deal with extreme weather conditions.




Research vesselscan also be used to study models of marine life forms at different water zones. Research vessels used for these purposes are equipped with the necessary fishing equipment that supports the process.

Researchvesselsused in offshore oil and gas sector in the excavations so as to allow for better exploration of the underwater crude oil and gas. These ships are employed to determine the best place to install the necessary equipment.


As ameans of strengthening maritime security of a nation, research vessels are employed on a national level, so as to establish what level is the naval security from possible invasion.

Oceanologyfield also requires the use of research vessels. Such research includes the study of ocean time, tides, and the functions of monitoring ocean water and study the impact of trends on seismological underwater geography.

Research vesselsare also used by the fishing industry to carry out various types of research, such as finding fish, sampling of water etc.




In thesetimes, with the development of science and technology, research vessels are also quite advanced. It is also expected that in the future, the concept of research vessels will carry several traits.


Some of famous research vessels are:


Flip Ship- A uniqueresearch vessel




G.O. Sars- An advancedresearch vessel


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