What is... FPSO?

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What is... FPSO?

Floating Production Storage and Offloading Vessels or FPSO are offshore production facilities offered simultaneously processing equipment and storage of produced hydrocarbons. The basic design of most of the FPSO, a vessel in the shape of a ship with processing equipment on board the deck of the ship and the storage of hydrocarbons in the lower body. After processing, FPSO stored oil or gas before landing periodically drive the tank and transmission of oil by pipeline processing.

Anchoredon the ground through different systems for mooring, FPSO, effective solutions for the development of deep and ultra-deepwater fields. Central mooring system allows the vessel to rotate freely in order to best respond to the weather conditions, while system spread mooring, anchoring the vessel in different areas of the seabed.

Usuallycoupled with numerous underwater wells ship unloading and storage industries gather underwater hydrocarbon extraction wells through a series of field pipelines. Once extracted from underwater wells, hydrocarbons are transmitted through pipes that carry oil and gas from the seabed to the tower of the ship and then to the FPSO, which is located on the surface of the water.



Handling equipmenton board the FPSO is similar to that which will be located on top of the production platform. Typically built using modules, FPSO production equipment may consist of compartments for water, fertilizer gas processors oil injector water and gas compressor. Hydrocarbons are then transferred to the double-hull vessel for storage.

Crude oil stored on board is often transferred to shuttle tankers or barges to ocean going ashore by charging hose. Loading oil from the FPSO stern to the bow of the shuttle tanker is known as a tandem charge. Gas many times is transferred to shore by pipeline or reinjection back into the field, to increase production.

Oil spills do not usually emerge from FPSO, although in late 1990 Texaco Captain FPSO spilled about 3,900 barrels of oil for human error. Besides this incident spilled from the FPSO, are less than about 500 barrels of oil.


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