Top 7 Longest Ships in the World in 2012.

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Top 7 Longest Ships in the World in 2012.


The size ofnewly built ships are increasing every year, the list of the longest ships in the world is still different. As the old ships are scrapped and new ones added to the list each year, shipping industry shows some of the best made ??boats.
The ranking of the 7 longest ships in the world for 2012, is just based on the length of the ships.


1. E-Class Container Ships

Onthe right of ownership and operation of shipping conglomerate Moller-Maersk, E-Class Container Ships, still the largest ships in the world in 2012. Every  measured ship is nearly 400 meters long and nearly 60 meters wide. Maersk has a fleet of eight such E-Class Container Ships, each with a capacity of almost 15,000 TEUs. Emma Maersk is the largest ship of the series E-Class. Triple-E Series Maersk Line, when launched in 2013, will become the largest ship in the world, taking the first position.


2. Marco Polo

With a capacity of about 10,000 TEUs, recent Marco Polo container ship is second on the list of the largest ships of 2012. The ship has dimensions of 396 meters long and 54 meters wide.The shipis operated by the French CMA CGM shipping conglomerate and was built in South Korean shipyard Daewoo.


3. FSO Asia and Africa

Alsoknown as TI Asia and TI Africa, these ULCCs listed third in the list of the biggest ships in the yea


The size ofthese ships is about 380 meters in length with a GRT than 2, 30,000 tons DWT and over 4, 40,000 tons. They originally belong to TI class super tankers.


4. TI Europe and Oceania

These two long ships were originally named, respectively Hellespont Fairfax and Hellespont Tara, and were built almost a decade ago.




These two vessels are sized over 1200 meters length. They also belong to the TI class tankers.



5. Valemax

Named on the conglomerate thatmanages those transporting ore vessels, large ships Valemax areactually fleet of 35 vessels.



At present, however, the whole fleet is not in action, but expected to be operational by next year. Technically classified as Chinamax vessels, fleet Valemax measures about 360 m length and operating speeds up to 15 knots.


6. Allure of the Seas

Built in 2010, Allure of the Seas is the sister ship of the Oasis of the Seas.

The sixth ship in the list of the largest vessels in 2012, Allure of the Seas has a length of 362 meters.


7. Oasis of the Seas

Oasis of the Seasis a popular cruise ship owned and operated by Royal Caribbean Cruise.

This is the seventh vessel to be included in this list of the longest ships with dimensions of over 360 meters in length, with a hitch for almost 50 meters and a height of over 70 meters. With thrust over nine meters, Oasis of the Seas is capable of reaching speeds over 22 knots.

In themarine world, the construction of new vessels and the destruction of old ships require modifications of the statistical charts in terms of the structural specifications of the vessels, which change every year.

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