Entertainment department on cruise ship

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Entertainment department on cruise ship



This department is responsible for organizing various activities and entertainment for the passengers on board and on shore. Jobs in this department are Cruise Director, Assistant Cruise Director, dance instructor, musician, photographer, port lecturer, instructors, dive instructor, etc.



Cruise Director


Cruise Director is the head of entertainment, and deals with the planning and execution of all entertainment and leisure activities on board and ashore. Good communication skills and strong organizational skills are required for this position.


Assistant Cruise Director

Assistant Cruise Director assists the Director in creating the daily programs. He / she also coordinate the timing of the cruise staff, supervise and act as master of ceremonies.Thisjobis an opportunity for promotion to Cruise Direct.


Social Hostess

Social Hostessis responsible for social activities on board. He / she acts as master of ceremonies in specific activities for entertainment, as directed by the Director of cruise. This position has the opportunity for an increase in the Cruise Director.


Cruise Staff

Cruise Staffis responsible for organizing the daily activities of passengers as golf, diving, quizzes, bingo and more. This position has the opportunity for promotion to Assistant Cruise Director.


Cruise Casino Staff
Cruise Casino Staffis responsible for managing the various activities in the casino department.


Golf Instructor
Golf Instructorteaches golf and play golf with passengers. They also work with a golf simulator on board.

PortLecturer lectures on the history and places which are interested and subject to various ports.

Disc Jockey
DJ position requires diverse knowledge and experience in music to entertain passengers, who are of different ages and have different tastes.


Dance Instructors and Singers / Musician
Dance Instructors teach passengers how to dance and perform dance during the evening shows and cabarets. Singers / Musician are responsible for the entertainment of passengers with his / her live performances.

Fitness Instructor
Fitness Instructor is responsible for exercise and sporting activities of the passengers.

Lounge Entertainers
Lounge Entertainer is responsible for entertaining the passengers on board.

The photographer is available for passengers to capture their amazing moments during the trip.

ShoreExcursion Manager
ShoreExcursion Manager is responsible for overseeing and organizing shore excursions in various ports.

Water Sports Instructor
Water Sports Instructor is responsible for planning and implementing programs for daily diving and snorkeling.

Youth Staff / Youth Activities Coordinator / Youth Counselor
He / she are responsible for organizing the daily activities of children.

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