Personal care department on board cruise ship

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Personal care department on board cruise ship

Almost allluxury cruise ships have onboard beauty salons and SPAs where travelers can get a full range of services from aromatherapy facials and body massages, mud baths to hair styling. Even small cruise ships now employ specialists in beauty and skin care, to attract more and more tourists. Beauty salons cruise typically employs certified and experienced professionals who have knowledge and experience in using the latest technology of beauty. Important positions in the department include

salon manager, assistant salon managers, beauticians,cosmetologists, hairdressers, masseurs, therapists and manicurists.


Salon Manager

Salon Manageroversees all activities at the salon and ensures the satisfaction of travelers waiting cosmetic services.


Assistant Salon Manager

Assistant Salon Manager reports toSalon Manager and is responsible for managing the daily operations within the salon. It can be promoted to the position of the salon manager.



Beautician guide and offer a wide range of cosmetic procedures for passengers.


Hair Stylist

Positionrequires experienced stylists and a certificate in hairdressing.


Massage Therapist

Massage Therapistmust be qualified in Swedish massage and additional qualifications like aromatherapy, shiatsu, reflexology, Reiki Healing or sports therapy.



Extensive experience in thebeauty salon is required for this position.


Nail Technicians

Candidatesfor this job must have completed training course on special techniques for nail care.

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