Hotel Division on board cruise ships

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Hotel Division on board cruise ships


Hotel / Hospitality Manager

Hotel Manager is responsible for ensuring the quality of service in hotels and restaurants take on board cruise ships. It also deals with complaints from passengers.



Responsible for checking passengers at check-in and check-out of the lodge area, including the settlement of accounts at the end of the cruise. Receptionists also have to deal with passengers' complaints, lost luggage, room changes, currency exchange and more.


Chief Cabin Steward / Housekeeper

The responsibilities of the department are monitoring household, good skills in organization and communication.


Head Room Steward
Responsible for supervising a group of cabin stewards.


Cabin Stewardess

Cabin Stewardess is responsible for the cleanliness and maintenance of the cabins. Duties include vacuuming, changing sheets, cleaning windows, cleaning bathrooms and more. Spend more time working have little opportunity for excursions.


Laundry Supervisor

Responsible for Laundry Staff and for smooth operations of the department.


Laundry Staff

The duties include washing, drying, ironing clothes.



Bell Man transfer passenger luggage to and from the cruise ship. Good physical condition is required.



Makes requests for service.


Deck Steward

Responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the deck and pools.

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