Food and Beverage jobs on board cruise ship

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Food and Beverage jobs on board cruise ship


Food and Beverage Manager

Food and Beverage Manager is responsible for the quality of service in all parts of the cruise ship, serving food and drinks. It also deals with the calculation of prices and costs.


Maitre d 'Hotel

Maitre d 'Hotel greets customers, supervise the staff of the restaurant and ensure that their best quality standards. Maitre d 'Hotel reported to Food and Beverage Manager.


Executive Chef

Executive Chef is responsible for the overall operation of the kitchen, including administrative activities. There prepare meals and perform quality control on all food exported from the kitchen.


Pastry Chef

Pastry Chef prepares pastries and desserts. On some cruise ships, Pastry Chef has staff working for him / her. He / she is also responsible for the way in which sweets and desserts served on board.


Chef de Partie

Chef de Partie prepare gourmet dishes and sauces, is responsible for the way in which the ordered dishes at the buffet and restaurants.


Sous Chef

Sous Chef is responsible for maintaining food quality. Responsibilities include food preparation and cooking, in close collaboration with the Executive Chef.


First Cook

Responsible for the supervision of the second and third chef. Performs duties assigned by the chef.


General / Second / Third Cook

The duties include food preparation and cooking under the supervision of First Cook or Chef.



Bakerresponsibilities of a cruise ship do not differ from those of Baker on land.




Cutting,grinding, sorting meat, shaping and tying a roast. He/Sheshould review and be familiar with how to store meat upon delivery.



Responsibilities includecleaning and arrangement of plates and cutlery.



Assistswaiters in serving the food and drinks, cleaning tables.


Restaurant / Dining Room Manager
Responsibilities includemonitoring and overall management of the dining room.


Dining Room Head Waiter

Assists theDining Room Manager in managing the dining room.


Dining Room Wait Staff

Responsible forserving in sector of the dining room, including 30 people.


Café Wait Staff

Serves passengers in the ship’s cafe.


Cocktail Waiter / Waitress

Servedrinks and taking orders on cocktail parties.


Bar Staff

Serve drinksto passengers in lounges and on deck. They also maintain the cleanliness of the salon.


Bar Waiter / Waitress

Serves drinksat the bar. Report to the Bar Supervisor.


Bar Manager

Bartendersmust be good at mixing ingredients for alcoholic drinks such as cocktails. Other duties include staffing the bar, inventory, and maintaining cleanliness of the bar. Many travelers love to talk to the bartenders, so they have to be extroverts and love communication.


Wine Steward

Wine Stewardmust have very good knowledge of wine and its culture. Must be able to offer appropriate wine for each dish.

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