Familiarization for New Crew Members on board of the Ship

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Familiarization for New Crew Members on board of the Ship


The new crew members joining the ship must be aware of their obligations regarding information security and safety on board. The main purpose of familiarization was to obtain new crew with important safety procedures on board at work or during emergencies.


The captain shall appoint a qualified person responsible for training new members of the crew. Although all members of the crew joined the ship must pass a standardized training by STCW, there are specific instructions and requirements specific to each ship for his own.



Responsible for the preparation and familiarization with ship officers an idea for newcomers:



¦ Location of his or her cabin, the location of the nearest emergency exit and extinguisher as well


¦ Location of lifejackets and immersion suits, instructions on how to wear a lifejacket


¦ Location of most of the emergency exits


¦ Different types of alarms on board and guidance on how to deal with all types of emergencies


¦ Ship Fire Plan –where to find and what is the purpose of it


¦ Important features of the muster lists- his or her duties in the list and during emergencies


¦ Instructions in case of order for  abandon ship


¦ Actions in case of a man overboard



Besides the above mentioned points, the employee must also ensure that new crew members are familiar or very soon will have enough information about:



¦ Instructions for raising the alarm in the case of an accident or emergency


¦ Fundamentals of Fire prevention on board of the  Ship


¦ Different types of fire extinguishers and fire systems -  instructions how to be used


¦ Work with fire and watertight  doors,specification of fixed fire protection systems on board


¦ Actions to be taken in case of medical emergency before receiving further medical


¦ Important instructions for various training on board


¦ General documents and publications of ships


¦ Instructions for SOLAS and MARPOL





 Introduction about job obligations


This is a normal procedure on board ships, new crew members are aware of their obligations by a person designated, in most cases, the individual in charge of the department or command. Training includes:



¦ Daily Tasks newest member of the crew must execute


¦ Specific equipment must be operated and maintained


¦ Specific duties and ship specific manual


¦ The place contained any specific instructions on the parts of the machinery of the vessel that new crew member should know


¦ If the new member belongs to the deck department, he or she will be familiar with navigation equipment, GMDSS, steering, mooring equipment, equipment handling and more.


¦ If the new member belongs to machine command, he or she will be familiar with some equipment, maintenance procedures, and the specific duties of the newly


Except in the performance of watchkeeping sea and in port, the new crew members will be informed of all standing orders of the chief engineer or master.



Other safety instructions:



Apart from the responsibilities and safety instructions, the officer in charge of the familiarization training to instruct new crew members on important issues such as:



¦ Plan for waste treatment and how to store garbage ship


¦ Plan to prevent pollution


¦ Plan for Ship Security


¦ Plan for ballast water management


¦ Procedure for release of lifeboat


¦ The procedure for releasing the raft


¦ Use of marine signals and pyrotechnics disaster



 It should be noted that training for lifesaving appliances and fire appliances should be completed as soon as possible and no later than two weeks after receipt of the ship or the provisions of a single company ship owner.

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