VIDEO: The power of incredible possibilities FSO ASIA and FSO Africa

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VIDEO: The power of incredible possibilities FSO ASIA and FSO Africa

Built in 2002 in the shipyard of DAEWOO, South Korea, TI ASIA and TI Africa, with its 380 meters length and 441,893 DWT are two of the four tankers, greatest of her time,  with TI Europe and TI Oceania as well.


In 2008 the Dubai shipyard launches the reconstruction and transformation of making them "Floating Storage Offloading" facilities. High demands on which is placed a grandiose project take almost as long as the building of a ship -18 months. The first of the two tankers is completed Asia,  a short time of that in an oil field near Qatar, Africa joined her..


Into FSO Asia and Africa engine room, are added  five additional auxiliary generators, Hyndai Himsen, so their total number together with the existing three -Wärtsilä engines, reaches an impressive eight, each with a capacity of more than 1800 KW. To drive additionally placed two steam cargo pumps help, installed subsequently two boilers Mitsubishi, so their total number increased to four. System for processing human waste and air conditioning systems installed in consequence, are sufficient for a crew of 84 people permanently maintained on board.


Systems completed and attached to the deck, you are directed to the ecological orientation of the facility. For example, the use of so called system  "Volatile Organic Compound", aiming to reduce the hydrocarbon vapors to the atmosphere, resulting in the oil, thereby maintaining the cleanliness than air increases the amount of load. Previously precipitated water extracted with oil, was thrown overboard after strict compliance with international norms. Precipitation - by transfer and by a large number of electric pumps in one of the many tanks is completed by means of purification and separation. Separation is done by many, separators Westafalia, also installed on the deck.


 Tanker loading and unloading of the ship is through large hoses capable of unloading up to 19 000 barrels per hour. After the amount of crude oil unloaded from the ship is performed by a specially assembled systems with large sizes. Ship cranes are six, which makes it the leader in this ranking.


 Setting the ship has been significantly enlarged in order to accommodate the crew hired to work on the board, whose number is almost four times more than a normal tanker crew. Located also helipad and charging system helicopter fuel. Two additional lifeboats and four fire pumps are only part of the survival equipment installed additionally.


Each of the two super tankers are loading capacity of 400,000 barrels per day, which is approximately equal to the daily consumption of a country like Greece.


Meet the highest requirements for preservation of ecology in the region, FSO ASIA and FSO Africa are equipped with systems providing treatment of emissions from oil production and preventing discharge into the atmosphere.


With a crew of more than 80 people each, exsuper tankers, now super FSO, hardly stands alone in its capacity options, but for this you have left to enjoy yourself:



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