Video: Teekay One Spirit or the next generation tanker

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Video: Teekay One Spirit or the next generation tanker


Developed by Teekay One Spirit revolutionary project aims to change shipping industry.

 Eco-design of the ship dropped drastically fuel costs by nearly 30% as it also provides effective solutions from an environmental standpoint solutions.




Among the main advantages presented by the company stand out:




  • Improvements in the aerodynamics of the hull, reducing drag in the water with the whole 17%
  • Main engine of the latest series of MAN B&W G-type, or so-called Ultra-long-stroke,

Providing a longer stroke at lower speeds, this nominal speed main engine is the reduced to 60 rpm, to compare this type of ships reach 90rpm.Vsichko which reduces the speed and ability to use more screw size with fewer blades, unlike standard screws where their number is five here they are only three. As a result, there is a major engine of up to six percent lower fuel consumption and better performance in terms of emissions.

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