Nouadhibou- perhaps the largest ships graveyard in the world

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Nouadhibou- perhaps the largest ships graveyard  in the world

Nouadhibou is a city located on the eponymous peninsula on the Atlantic Ocean and the main port of one of the poorest countries in the region of Mauritania. City first important commercial center for the country's economy, the other filled with a huge number of people living on the edge of survival, Nouadhibou has become known for being one of the largest cemeteries abandoned ships in the world. Sand and water to an otherwise azure coast of the Atlantic, are covered with toxic materials, equipment or debris from ships waiting to be scrapped.


Development of the town dates back to the 1920s when the country was proclaimed a French colony. Geographic location and easy accessibility by sea attract the attention of the colonists not only developed it to booming proportions, but also named him as "Port Etienne." Mauritania gained independence from France in 1960 and the port city was renamed to its present name. Although, after the withdrawal of the French economy remains in a critical condition, the operation and condition of the people in Nouadhibou satisfactory. 



The idea to develop the marine cemetery dates back to the French colonists as project work is they start. Number of ships in the bay of Nouadhibou but increased significantly in 80 years, today this process is almost irreversible. It is because of economic degradation coupled with a lack of jobs and income for the population the government allows a large number of companies using the waters around the peninsula as the last stop for ships.



The main export commodities of the country are ore and scrap. Numerous ships and iron extracted from their destruction are the main source of the second, it is one of the two main advantages of the ship graveyard. Created artificial "bays" and places surrounded by rotting hulls provide space for generation of various types of fish, which is another major advantage.



Creating jobs and providing employment to thousands but is accompanied by a number of risk factors. Carelessly discarded heavy metals, residues of various bodies polluted by oil products bays, waste of any kind are an everyday occurrence for people working in these areas. Security for those who meet the essential activities during crushing hand is legendary, hardly anyone here to think of all the importance of the word performance and reality.



Mauritanian authorities, however, have taken several steps to ensure that ships are properly dismantled after due consideration of the adverse effects on the ecology of that. Although the discharge vessels are a source of employment and revenue generation, the sea rescue corporations are expected to start cleaning the waters around the city.

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