The unsurpassed FPSO PAZFLOR

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The unsurpassed FPSO  PAZFLOR

FPSO PAZFLOR was built by Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME) for Total E & P Angola. Pazflor is located in the offshore area of ​​Angola, at a depth of 600 to 1.200 m, about 40 kilometers east of the Dalia FPSO and a distance of 150 km from the coast. FPSO-it is anchored on a series of 25 oil wells underwater.


In December 2007, ordered Total project value of $ 2.3 billion for new FPSO-ships as DSME provide engineering, procurement and construction services for the mooring of the ship hull and the upper unit of the facility. In September 2009, the construction of housing Pazflor FPSO started in one of the docks of the Korean shipyard. In January 2011, FPSO-it sailed from South Korea towards Angola, the first output is designed  for 2011.

This kind of FPSO is the first of its kind to process two very different oil: oil (17 ° -22 ° API) from the Miocene and lighter oil (35-38 ° API) from Acacia Oligocene.





For the construction of the facility used about 120,000 tons steel is used as Pazflor one of the largest FPSO vessels ever built.

Pazflor project has unique characteristics that set it apart from the usual commercial vessels: it is three times the size of the vessel of the merchant ship, and the number of used blocks is twice as large as that ship liquefied natural gas.




The Pazflor is purpose-built FPSO, such as setting the upper part of the ship weigh, 32,200 tons. Processing capacity is 200,000 barrels of oil and 150 million cubic feet of gas a day and a storage capacity of about 1.9 million barrels of crude oil. FPSO facilities are designed for 20 years of operation. The vessel has an overall length of 325 meters, a width of 61 m and a height of 32 metra.V residential accommodation for about 140 employees working on board.


Both systems include underwater kladaenetsa 49 (production wells 25, 22 for the injection of water and two gas), which are connected to six pumps. Almost € 175 Km pipeline and 90 km control lines are installed in the seabed.

Balltec company has supplied and installed zakotvashtoto device FPSO-it. The connectors are designed with a minimum breaking load of 12,993 kN. They can also be interrupted at any time, the design life of the facility.

The ship has called seawater treatment plant sized for 301,900 barrels per day (48,000 m ³ / day) of low sulphate water system for washing water for 19,620 barrels per day (130 m ³ / hr).

KONE is the company supplied  lifts Pazflor. Powered by KONE EcoDisc hoisting machine, the lift is designed to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at extreme environments.

The ship is powered by onboard gas turbines with a capacity of 120MW, which is equivalent to the power consumption of a city of about 100,000 inhabitants.


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