Pieter Schelte or the largest catamar in the world-video

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 Pieter Schelte or the largest catamar in the world-video


 The catamaran has a vessel composed of two equal -sized hulls , coupled to each other. The geometric forms of this type of ships make them easy to recognize . Worldwide, there are several types of catamarans of wooden boats used interchangeably for fishing to expensive sports yachts, but will soon have a third type , the type of "Pieter Schelte", the largest  vessel of her kind, ever built .


In 2010 , the company Allseas, holding another record in shipbuilding, namely the largest  pipelinevessel ,  contract  South Korean shipbuilding Daewoo, the construction of the ship. The project  of $ 1.3 billion has the purpose to carry the worn ultra - heavy offshore facilities.


Length of the ship is 382 meters , to which is added the length of the lift beam protrusion and stingers  and so the total length of "Pieter Schelte" reaches a significant 431 m . The beam is again significantonly 124 meters , and the board will be housed in crew of  571 people. Eight diesel engine will provide the power of 95MW, with a maximum speed of 14 knots. Dynamic positioning system will befrom the  giants “ Kongsberg”, and the number of thruster, push to include it again is startling -12 . The delivery period , the company reported it is now the end of 2014.


Since 1970 , 500 oil platforms and 45,000 km pipelines were installed in the North Sea in order to obtain supplies of oil and natural gas , drive the UK and Norway. Aging  infrastructure and persistent downward  trends in productivity means eliminating unprofitable rigs


 Dismantling of major offshore facilities , in most cases result in violation of environmental standards due to tonesof rust and leaks into the sea. Bringing technology exploitation Spord market estimates could cost up to 50 bln dollars in the next 30 years , although most oil companies looking for the cheapest method for a process that is associated exclusively with expenditure.





  The technology "Pieter Schelte", offering is associated with disassembly , handling and transportation of the structures for offshore oil production . The concept of the ship, according to company owner is old, of nearly 25 years, but only now the financial situation allows implementation. The overall concept is positioning as close as possible to the oil rig on the catamaran . Through the brackets and hydraulic capacity of 48,000 tons , "Pieter Schelte'' raises the upper part of the platform and place her on her deck .


  The Size of the ship and stability  give her, an advantage in bad weather in the North Sea, where many fields are at the end of his life. But over the ship project lifetime decommissioning can take it to the Gulf of Mexico , Southeast Asia, Brazil and West Africa. Shell was the first company to show serious interest and has already requested removal platofrmi in 2015 .


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