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  More than twenty years have now passed since the foundations for today’s Harren & Partner shipping group were laid. In 1989 captain and business graduate Peter Harren purchased his first very own ship – the multi-purpose carrier “ORION III”.


  Since then, the emphasis has always been on pursuing a diversification strategy for fleet expansion, resulting in dynamic growth to a current fleet comprising 57 vessels of between 4,000 tdw and 76,000 tdw from a wide variety of segments. Tankers, container feeder vessels, bulk and heavy lift carriers as well as dock ships thus collectively limit the risk of typically fluctuating shipping markets. All services from a single source A key aspect of our global corporate activities is comprehensive Ship Management – of both proprietary and external tonnage, i.e. by means of third-party management.


  Here, our underlying philosophy is to offer all services relating to the life cycle of a ship from a single source. Tailor-made concepts ensure the utmost in quality and flexibility – from newbuilding concepts, through extensive building supervision and careful technical and nautical management of the mobile fleet, to the selling of ships. Around 145 employees ashore and 1,800 crew members are committed to this responsibility every day. Flat hierarchies and modern communication strategies ensure high identification with the company, a lively exchange of ideas and a touch of “pioneering spirit”, which is essential in our line of work. In addition, in-house training courses provide incentives for further development and ensure a team of highly skilled H&P staff in the long term.


The principle of “everything from a single source” applies throughout the company, right down to shipping investments. Investors can invest directly in our fleet vessels by way of a limited partner’s contribution – without having to incur the additional expense of enlisting the services of an issuing house – and find themselves in the proverbial “same boat”. This is where our more than 20 years of experience in shipping comes in. Over 20 ship funds have already been wound up after an average term of around five years – all with positive rates of return. Besides Ship Management, the Harren & Partner Group has also continuously expanded its range of services over the years. While others often focus on outsourcing, we pursue a different philosophy. For example, integrating various subsidiaries with clearly defined roles allows us to pool extensive knowledge under the one roof of the Harren & Partner Group.

  Thanks to the close cooperation of our specialists, each segment can be managed in the best possible way . Identify and take advantage of market opportunities When branching out into other areas, our focus is always on changing market requirements and the opportunities they present. In 1999, for example, when the regular liner service Caribbean Feeder Services (CFS) was created in response to the lack of charter contracts in the Caribbean, Peter Harren decided to take the matter of ship utilisation into his own hands. The success of CFS is based on a simple concept: independence. As a conscious decision was made to dispense with container ownership, CFS is open to all market participants, thus bringing together the necessary cargo volumes to operate an efficient distribution service. Today, CFS is one of the largest independent liner services in the Caribbean, offering a regular route between ports as part of its “bus driver concept”. Innovation creates a USP Continuous innovation leads to new designs, which in turn guarantee fleet development in line with market requirements. The joint venture K/S Combi Lift is a good example of this. Together with the Danish shipping company J. Poulsen Shipping A/S, Harren & Partner develops individual concepts for the transportation of complex heavy lift and project cargo. The Harren & Partner Group and the chartering experts at Combi Lift have designed a novel class of ship, tailored specifically to the requirements of the shipping industry to transport ever larger, fully assembled units, and characterised by a high degree of loading flexibility. The “COMBI DOCK” ships built at the Lloyd shipyard in Bremerhaven are able to take totally different kinds of cargo on board – both floating and ro-ro or using powerful heavy lift cranes – quickly and safely.



 The four ships of this type, which are already operating successfully, are a true novelty on the shipping market and offer considerable competitive advantages over standard dock, ro-ro and heavy lift ships. In order to broaden the technical and chartering expertise of the dock ships segment, a long-established Hamburg shipping company named CONDOCK joined the Harren & Partner Group in December 2007.


Virtual tour on board "COMBI DOCK II"

  With more than 20 years’ experience in this sector, the chartering brokers have a vast network of market contacts and the necessary expertise to ensure optimum dock ship operation. Comprehensive door-to-door project management The logistics services of our shipping group extend far beyond the dock, however. In early 2007, H&P Logistics & Engineering was set up to meet the growing demand for comprehensive transport solutions for particularly large and heavy projects.


  Tailor-made concepts ensure the safe and rapid transportation of the respective load from door to door. Besides sea transportation, for instance, the team of captains, supercargoes and engineers also organises pre- and post-carriage on land, if requested. All necessary processes are arranged and coordinated by H&P Logistics & Engineering. This means customers have only one contact partner, who can tell them exactly where their cargo is at any time, ensuring just-in-time delivery.


  Proportionate growth The Harren & Partner fleet will continue to expand proportionately in future, too. Rather than simply focusing on increasing numbers, our investment strategy follows the motto “the right ship at the right time”. The near future will see further expansion, especially in our attractive segment of heavy lift and project cargo transportation. Our business activities can only be adapted to the market situation if we implement a consistent diversification strategy. More than twenty years of success are proof that Peter Harren had and continues to have the right idea.

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