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Cargo Operator / Pumpman

Role Description: Cargo Operator / Pumpman

Deck team, Pumpman

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Saipem is hiring Cargo Operator to join the newly build FPSO Kaombo currently being assembled in Singapore-Saipem Yard. Suitable candidate will start first in Singapore and shortly move to Offshore Angola for the operation.

Ideal candidate would have experience working on oil & chemical tankers/FPSO/VLCC/LCC.


Organize (within the frame of his responsabilities) the cargo work activities


Operate cargo heating coils, inert gas and ballast valves. Operate cargo pumps and crude oil wash machines as directed by Cargo Supervisor (2nd/3rdMate) or Cargo Superintendent (Chief Mate)

Record tank ullages, water/oil interfaces, take tank temperatures and crude oil samples as required by Cargo Supervisor (2nd/3rdMate) or Cargo Superintendent (Chief Mate)

Undertake all duties related to the functions and related equipment for receiving, storing and offloading crude oil

Undertake first line maintenance of equipment in the pumproom

Assist mechanics and welders when operating in the pumproom area or on the cargo system

Maintain cargo and ballast equipment including equipment in the pumproom, ullage gauges, Inert gas valves, COW machines, hoses, etc.

Ensure compliance with permit to work system, isolation standards

Undertake other duties as required by the Cargo Supervisor (2nd/3rdMate) or Cargo Superintendent (Chief Mate)

Be aware of roles and responsibilities with regard to emergency response

Do general housekeeping duties in work area

Stop activities if the continuation could cause any damage or injury


Maintain safe working practices


Minimum 1 year experience as Pumpman in crude oil tankers or one year experience as Engine Room fitter with proven ability of overhauling large pumps and valves

FPSO experience or any oil & chemical tankers/FPSO/VLCC/LCC desirable.

Professional Technical Skills:

Capability to apply and promote the safety, the safe working practices and environmental protection. Understanding of the correct use of Permit to Work system. Capability to promote the wear of the protective equipment and incident investigation.

Capability to monitor pressure and temperature gauges as well as the proper functioning of the cargo pumps, to operate cargo-heating coils, inert gas and ballast valves, to maintain in efficient order cargo and ballast equipment including ullage gauges.

Full understanding and capability to operate on ballast control equipment , pumps, ballast lines, refueling control, loading and unloading cargo and ballasting, liaise with deck department regarding the loading ordering and use the fuel, potable water to maintain the vessel stability

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