Yemen Conflict Risks One of World’s Busiest Shipping Lanes

21:50, 27 Март 2015

LONDON, March 26 (Reuters) – Conflict in Yemen risks spilling out into the busy sea lanes that pass it and potentially disrupt the narrow Bab el-Mandeb passage through which nearly 4 million barrels of oil are shipped daily to Europe, the United States and Asia. Oil prices rose as much as 6 percent on Thursday after neighbouring Saudi Arabia and its allies launched air strikes on Yemen that targeted Iran-backed Houthi rebels fighting to oust Yemen’s president. The...

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£24bn rival to Panama Canal to break ground this year

21:47, 13 Януари 2014

170-mile shipping route through Nicaragua will start in December, country's President Ortega announces The Panama Canal, which celebrates its centenary this year, has struggled to keep up with the increase in global shipping as more goods are exported from Asia to Europe and the US east coast. The canal is planning its own extension, although this has been repeatedly delayed. Last week, it refused to make a $1bn payment to the Spanish building consortium expanding the waterway....

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Rising temperatures open up new possibilities in the Arctic Ocean

11:54, 18 Декември 2013

Rising temperatures in the Arctic and melting sea ice are revealing new options for shipping in the Arctic Ocean. The littoral states will consequently be adapting the plans for their ports in the near future. In Iceland, the changes focus on a new location in the north-east of the island. Planning experts and engineers from bremenports have been invited to contribute their experience and will play a central role in developing the new port. The immense interest in developing the Arctic...

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Too big to sail? Cruise ships face scrutiny

11:56, 30 Октомври 2013

One of the largest cruise ships in 1985 was the 46,000-ton Carnival Holiday. Ten years ago, the biggest, the Queen Mary 2, was three times as large. Today’s record holders are two 225,000-ton ships whose displacement, a measure of a ship’s weight, is about the same as that of a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier. Cruise ships keep growing bigger, and more popular. The Cruise Lines International Association said that last year its North American cruise line members...

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Euronav: "Eco-ships" are waste of money

09:36, 22 Октомври 2013

One of the biggest Belgian shipping companies with a strong presence of Bulgarian officers on board, Euronav believes that investment in so-called  "eco- ships " is just a " waste of money " . The company owns a large number of oil tankers and distribute through thewebsite a  presentation in which argued that such investment is simply completing  the overall picture of oversupply in the sector.   After experiencing a net loss of over $ 27...

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Aftermath of the tragedy near Lampedusa

08:59, 07 Октомври 2013

 After the sinking of a ship carrying migrants from Africa early Thursday morning , the search for survivors near the Italian island of Lampedusa continues.    Boat with more than 500 African migrants to Italy sank after a big fire on board. At least 100 bodies have been foundin the water , and more than 200 people still missing , the total number of rescued, so far amounts to 150 people.     The vessel , ignited a half mile from shore was carrying...

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