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Refugees near Trakata, Varna rescued from the sea

15:06, 04 Януари 2014

Two Syrians , 20 and 33 years were rescued from the icy waters of the sea, in Trakata, near Varna.   Employees of "Border Police" were in place . They noticed drowning minutes after 9:00 today. Request the assistance of " Ambulance " , saying the medics carry blankets for warming refugees. The first rescued was taken to the Military Hospital in Varna. He is about 30 years. Fishermen from the village of Thrace first saw him lying on the stones at the...

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International Black Sea Day

11:11, 31 Октомври 2013

On October 31, 1996 signed Strategic Action Plan for the Rehabilitation and Protection of the Black Sea , which provides a framework for cooperation between the Black Sea countries in the region. The plan set long-term goals for the quality of the Black Sea ecosystem , specific measures to reduce pollution , improve the management of living resources , promote human development in a way that does not compromise the environment and take steps to fund environmental projects.  ...

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OMV remains with one seismic ship in Bulgaria

09:24, 25 Октомври 2013

  The  austrian oil company conducts seismic survey,on Bulgarian territory of  Black Sea, the so-called complete . 2D seismic surveys in the southeastern part of the block . The results of this study are yet to be analyzed, the company will announce the final result only after the other and in parallel. 3D, exploring the block.     For the performance of the completed 2D survey was hired "CGG Princess", which is expected to be alongside in the...

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Constantly Insultings to the Bulgarian captain in Panama

13:51, 18 Октомври 2013

The beginning of the trial against captain Svetozar Sobadzhieva will probably be postponed again. The Sea-Wolf is Panamanian prison " La Jolla " where lies without trial in March 2011 revealed bgnes.bg   The start session of the trial was postponed to November 7 . After discussion with counsel Sobadzhieva,the daughter of the Captain is pessimistic that this time the process will start.   "The court decided liable to be attracted sailors on the...

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First modern fish port in Bulgaria -Sarafovo

12:57, 18 Октомври 2013

On November 1 , the creation of the first modern fishing port in Bulgaria, Burgas Sarafovo .   " We talked to local fishermen warned to liberate the area, but I am fully aware that for many of them this is the main occupation. So next will deliver 300 cc bulk material and will differentiate a temporary pier , "said the Mayor Dimitar Nikolov.   According to the project the port will have a capacity of 104 places for boats up to 8 m and 6 places for boats...

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Maritime Administration Bulgaria with contact points for complaints from sailors

16:42, 29 Септември 2013

Information for the Contact points for seafarers to lodge complaints relating to any matters that constitute a breach of the requirements of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 Date for entry into force of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 -  August 20th, 2013  1. In case of seafarer employed on a ship flying Bulgarian flag (regardless of the fact that the seafarer has signed a contract with a manning agent or shipowner/operator) the contact point for lodging...

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