Chevron tugboat sinks off Nigeria, all crew missing


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Chevron tugboat sinks off Nigeria, all crew missing

Twelve seamen of the crew hired by Chevron tug, are missing after their ship sank on Sunday off the coast of Nigeria, due to bad weather, told Reuters the ship-owner.


The ship- Jascon-4 was overturned early Sunday due to strong swell and windstorm while conducting operations drawing t.natr. "Mooring point" about 30 km from Delta State in Nigeria.


"Unfortunately, all 12 members of the crew of the tug still missing," said a spokesman for the ship-owner West African Ventures, Nigerian company, part of the Sea Trucks Group specializes in the management of tugs and support ships in the offshore business.

"Rescue operations involving a sea divers are still ongoing and thorough investigation of the incident," the statement said.


Chevron Nigeria refused to give any update on the incident.



Chevron operates offshore and land projects with Nigerian National Petroleum, the cost of the company in the region, such operations are calculated okoloi $ 3 billion a year, commented the American giant. For 2012 the company reported a Nigerian daily production of 238,000 barrels of crude oil, 165 million cubic meters of natural gas and 4,000 barrels of liquefied gas.

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