Container fire again, this time Maersk Kampala


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Container fire again, this time Maersk Kampala

 Maersk Line confirmed that the container with a capacity of 6802 Maersk Kampala is burning near the Suez Canal today. According to a statement Maersk Line on Twitter, two containers burn , however, " the vessel is fully оperational" and the crew working on board no injuries reported.


 Two tug at the scene assist in extinguishing containers and later the board will climb an additional team of firefighters.

Over the past 14 months , five fire broke out on board the various container around the world, the result of all oedin each of them was the loss of the vessel, vessel .


In July 2012, several containers on board the MSC Flaminia is zapaliha.Korabat was in the Atlantic, and three of his crew found death.


In June 2013, Eugen Maersk crew managed to extinguish in the fastest possible way burning containers for disposal at the entrance of the Suez Canal , the damage was minimal.


In July 2013, one of the most serious intsideti last time aboard the Comfort MOL containers bow ignited , leading to separation and the general frame, sinking koaraba . Hansa Brandenburg, was an incident that caught the attention this month , due to a fire arising from a container ship and cargo were significantly damaged .



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