Failure of the propulsion system is not the reason of MV Smart grounding


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Failure of  the propulsion system is not the  reason of  MV Smart grounding

 The owner of  grounded bulker , MV Smart  Smart, officialydeclare that , there is no evidence proving mechanical  or other structural failure contributed to the collapse of the ship in Richards Bay , South Africa ... at least not until the stern of a fully loaded, the vessel ran aground on the seabed.


On 19 August, bulk carriers with 151,279 DWT stuck and strong current , carrying the split 147,650 t coal balker two .

 In a statement issued Sunday , the owners of MV Smart said that based on studies carried out until the grounding  is a result of the stranding of the ship's stern on the sandy bottom , and because of the Xia was a strong current and heavy weather in the area. To date, no evidence of damage to the main engine or propulsion  system of the ship led to endanger management in the period immediately before the accident . Thus, otharleni were rumors claiming loss of power and severe damage to the rudder and hull are the cause of the stranding of the ship, all of which are a result of the incident itself and only came about after it.


 Following the incident , the Port of Richards Bay was immediately closed by the port authorities due to severe weather conditions.


 We successfully completed surgeries to remove about 1,700 tons of fuel oil from the sunken ship , as rescue teams continue work on the remains of the vessel.


A statement from the agency Maritime Safety Authority South Africa (Samsa) has been said that all on board oil about 1,769 tons fuel oil and 129 tons diesel has been removed , ending the first phase of the bailout . The statement is noted that although the tracks of the coal dust can be seen in the water surrounding the vessel, there was no leakage of oil or the parts of the load during the entire operation. Meanwhile, it was reported that the ship's generators are dry and functioned until the force were stopped by the ship's crew .


Position of the vessel is relatively stable after crash has been no change . Currently undergoing preparation for surgery for removal of about 10,000 tons of coal from the ninth barn Smart. The operation is expected to start as soon as time allows , using a multipurpose DP2 vessel Armada Condor.


Video distributed to local media saving the ship you can see here.

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