The world market continuously evaluates ships. It is really important, therefore, that work is done on time and that ships and equipment are well  maintained . We would like to take the opportunity to present  the  SeaJobs Group as of today: who we are, what we do and why we do it.


We live and breathe by our professionalism and perfectionism .


 For SeaJobs is critical to understand our customers’ needs and that we demonstrate the right attitude to our work every single day. We know that nothing beats the human factor. It is not about how many ships our company operates or how many offices we have. These are just numbers, and the heart and soul of every single company is not about the size. It is all about people! 


SeaJobs  was founded  by the passion to become one of the world’s leading management company, an ambition based on people.


SeaJobs is constantly searching for better ways to serve its customers. We want our customers to experience us as a small company with extensive resource that is know for its excellent performance. We are people serving other people but we make thing happen instead of waiting for thing to happen. We will always seek for a challenge instead of leaving it for others to fix.


The market is clamoring for qualified personnel. It is not just about recruiting people, finding the best is even more important. 


Why Bulgarian seafarer s?


 With a history of many years, Bulgarian seafarers are competent, professional and highly skilled. Every year, more than 100 officers  graduate both universities in the country with a high reputation all over the world. Naval academy and Technical University of Varna are constantly upgraded with engine and bridge simulators and with a in addition of Bulgarian Training Centre ensure maritime training on a world level. Two high schools in our major sea coast cities are giving additional help to the continues seafarers developing in the country.   


Masters of seas.


Being a part of the crew on board of Crude oil tankers, Car-Carriers, Passengers and many others, from many years, Bulgarian seafarers are people which you simply can trust. 



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