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What is is a career site, creating a virtual meeting place between those looking for career at sea and companies offering employment and training of  Marine personnel.


What role held in personnel selection? is not an agency for recruitment and does not participate in the selection of candidates and the communication setting working conditions, including pay.


What are the fees for the use of of candidates and companies?


The information provided in is absolutely free to all applicants and always will be.

Each of the companies have the opportunity to present themselves to advertise and register ships absolutely free, advertising and  publication of VIP job offers and paid posts in news and "good to know" categories for advertising  are according to the websit rates.




What are job offers that are presented in this


The listings presented in this site are from all sectors of the maritime industry, having previously each of them is checked for accuracy with the company published the advertisement.




How to apply for a job in


To be successful candidacy of each candidate registration is required to be activated after confirmation link in the mail for communication.

Edit Profile is available at any one time everything written in it in accordance with the general rules of the site.




  How to be published a job offer and Do You need to sign up for this?


Each of the companies, information on the website which is parsed has absolute right to modify, supplement or delete information about themselves at any time, this can be done by our collaborator or directly from the company for registration of the latter. Any information relating to the company, the type of vessels that recruits, operated from the companies can be published in free amount of text and images previously agreed between the company and




All of us people which maintaining and taking care care about and, are human and are not immune to errors. If you have any constructive comments or at our work, we are happy to send them to us, because you will get better at this job. Of course, with us you can connect not only with regard to problems, and when you have any other ideas and recommendations at any time




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