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Types of oil and gas rigs

14:25, 03 Февруари 2014

The main types of Installation in offshore industry are:     Jack Up,Semi Submersible,FPSO, Fixed platforms, Steel Jacketed Platform, Concrete Gravity Platform, Floating Hotel (Flotel), Subsea wells   Jack Up  A Jack Up rig is a floating platform, which has legs attached to the side. These can be lowered to the seabed and then jack the platform out of the water. It can be either self propelled or towed to its location. For long distance “rig...

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The unsurpassed FPSO PAZFLOR

22:45, 01 Март 2015

FPSO PAZFLOR was built by Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME) for Total E & P Angola. Pazflor is located in the offshore area of ​​Angola, at a depth of 600 to 1.200 m, about 40 kilometers east of the Dalia FPSO and a distance of 150 km from the coast. FPSO-it is anchored on a series of 25 oil wells underwater.   In December 2007, ordered Total project value of $ 2.3 billion for new FPSO-ships as DSME provide engineering, procurement and construction services...

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Remora HiLoad DP - technology from the future

22:44, 01 Март 2015

Unlike cars, ships are vessels that can not just pull the handbrake in order to avoid collision with another vessel, such as FPSO in the middle of the ocean. For some time, the system for dynamic positioning is optional equipment on board vessels operating in offshore zones, suchsystem is installed on board ofauxiliary ships, "shuttle" tankers, offshore construction vessels and many others. Large tankers however, fulfill the transitions as in 99 percent work in the open sea where...

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The voyage of the Goliat FPSO from Korea to Norway-VIDEO

22:52, 27 Март 2015

On 14 February 2015 the floating platform FPSO (Floating and Production Storage Offloading Unit) destined to operate at the Goliat oilfield in the Barents Sea left from its construction yard in Ulsan in Korea on board the Dockwise Vanguard, a semi-submergible vessel and the only one of its kind in the world. The Sevan 1000-type FPSO is the largest and most sophisticated cylindrical production and storage plant in the world and has been constructed using the most...

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